Family Energy: An Activity and Event Planning Guide

PG = Activity Preparation Guide         SC = Station Card      *indicates editable

Introducing Family Energy
Organizing an Event
At-A-Glance Station Planning Matrix      Event Planning Checklist 
Flyer Template*                                      Sample Room Set Up
Welcome Sign                                        Commitment Poster
Event Feedback Form
A "Centsible" Battery   PG   SC

Doing the Job for Less   PG  SC

Data Sheet

Draft Finders   PG  SC

Make Your Own Draft Finder Handout

Electric Bill Breakdown  PG  SC

Sample Electric Bills

eMonitor Scavenger Hunt PG  SC

Scavenger Hunt Handout

Energy Discovery Box PG  SC

Clue Cards

Blank Clue Card*

Energy Toy Box PG  SC

Toy Instruction Cards

Blank Toy Instruction Cards*

Energy Trivia PG  SC

Game Board

Foxy Game Pieces

Spinner Template

Question Cards

Blank Question Cards*

How Much Is That? PG  SC

Game Board*

Cards: Big Mac    Refrigerator    Wood & Gas 

Answer Sheet

Is It Drafty in Here?  PG  SC

House Blueprint

Record Sheet

Photo of House Set Up 

Phantoms in the Home  PG  SC*

Puzzled About Power?  PG  SC

Power Puzzles

Puzzle Descriptions

So Cool It's Hot!  PG  SC

What Does It Cost?  PG  SC*

Example Calculation Sheet*

Take Home Calculation Card*

Where Do Your Energy Dollars Go?  PG SC

Category Tags

Cost Calculations Template

PowerSleuth Play Money

Take Home Card

What's the Energy Connection? PG



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