You Can Save Energy

Join the PowerSleuth and learn a few simple things you and your family can do to save energy.  Every single one of us makes a difference; our efforts count.  Take action! Flip off the light switch when you leave the room; switch appliances completely off when not in use; put on a sweater and slippers when it's cold rather than turning up the thermostat; turn off the water when you brush your teeth and when you shave; walk, ride a bike, or carpool to school - get involved; it all adds up! 

Tips and Strategies for Saving Energy

Best Going Green Tips Library
A comprehensive library that prioritizes energy-saving actions. Tips are categorized and described in terms of environmental impact, lifestyle change, overall financial result, and improvements to health.

At Home with ENERGY STAR Video Podcast
Many examples of easy things that people can do at home to save energy.

Energy and Climate Saving Tips

US EPA: Climate Change - What You Can Do

School and Community Groups Working toward Energy Solutions

Carrabec High School Project Teaching Students How to Reduce Energy Use

New Wind Turbine at Camden Hills Regional High School (4/1/2012)

Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World

Lincoln Academy High School's Climate Action Club

Maine Partners for Cool Community

Maine Farm to School Program
Pemetic Students Think Green

Want to see your school or community group listed here? Contact us!

"Take Action" Articles and Resources 

Kid Power: The Roots & Shoots Program (Edutopia featured article by Jane Goodall) 
Children learn they hold an important place in this world and that they can make a difference.

Kilowatt Ours (documentary by Jeff Barrie)
This video series and accompanying resources have inspired a "national movement to promote energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy."

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