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How are a bottle of water, lump of coal, subway ticket, and a wind-up toy connected to energy? Take a quick look around from where you are sitting – how is energy involved with the objects and processes you see? Incredibly, energy is in some way connected to all physical objects and processes in the universe. Many people around Maine and the world are examining how to people can use energy in the most effective, efficient , and safe ways as possible.

Investigate how people use energy every day by learning about forms of energy, energy transfers and transformations, and energy conservation through the Activities and Projects, Sites and Games, and Videos sections of Energy for Maine.

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Careers in Science Related to Energy
A growing number of careers rely on an understanding of energy and related scientific principles. What kinds of jobs do people interested in and knowledgeable in energy and energy-related topics have? Explore careers in science related to energy using the links below: 

Alliant Energy’s Career Corner

A set of articles focusing on energy careers including wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, and energy management.  


Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2008-09 Edition)

“What do you like?” Science, math? Building and fixing things? Let your interests lead you to information about careers that might be perfect for you.  


Science Buddies

Want to know more about energy-related careers such as an Energy Efficient Engineer, Power Plant Operator, or Geoscientist? Use the “Careers in Science” section to find out what subjects to study in high school, starting salaries, and review profiles and watch video interviews of people working in these jobs today.


My Next Move

Asks "What do you want to do for a living?" and allows students to explore career options by entering key words describing their "dream job," by searching by industry, or by answering questions about what the student likes to do.


Explore careers in energy related fields by going on a “career adventure.” Review careers by cluster, match your interests to careers, visit the featured career, or search for career using key words.



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