Online Sites and Games

Take a "tour," play a game, or maybe even sing a song! 

Changing Circuits Game
See what happens when you make changes to the circuit.

Electrical Conductors Game
See which items will light the bulb.

Light Up the Tree

This is tricky! Use your knowledge of parallel and series circuits to connect all the wires and light bulbs to the energy source.

Switched on Kids - Electrical Safety
Find the electrical dangers in every room of the house.

Electrical Safety World
Find the hidden dangers in Tyler's and Sofia's neighborhoods.

Theater of Electricity

Learn about the worlds largest Van de Graaff Lightening Generator located at the Museum of Science in Boston.  Includes a picture gallery of the generator in action and videos explaining how it works.

Lighthouses of Maine
Have you ever visited a Maine light house? Find out where Maine's lighthouses are located, listen to lighthouse stories, and take in scenic photographs of these historic landmarks.

Antique Flashlight Collection
And you thought your flashlight was old! View this photo collection of unique vintage flashlights. 

The Electricity Song
Listen or sing along to the Electricity Song.

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