Activities You Can Do at Home

There are a lot of fun things you can do right at home to learn more about electricity! 

Remember - safety first. Always ask an adult for help when using electricity.

Electric Girl
Want to know more about electricity and learn how to make a flashlight from materials found around your home? Watch this clip from ZOOM!

Door Alarm
Put your circuitry knowledge to the test by using it to make a door alarm to keep out unwanted intruders! Need a little help? Watch this ZOOM segment Designing Electric Circuits for tips.

Make Light by Friction? 
Think it can't be done? 

Aluminum Can Static Roll
Use electricity to make a cola can "roll away."

Super Sparker
Make very, very, tiny lightning any time you want! 

Make an Electric Quiz Board
Looking for a fun way to quiz your friends? If they get the answer right, the light bulb will light up! 

Make a Buzzing Circuit Game
Build this game to test how steady your hand is.

Dance Pad Mania
Your challenge: Build a dance pad that lets you use your feet to sound a buzzer or flash a light.

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