Lesson 7: Building an Insulated Water Bottle


Students investigate the insulating properties of a variety of materials. Using their knowledge of heat transfers, students design an
insulated water bottle.  

Key Ideas

Lesson Goals

Students will:

Lesson Resources

Lesson PlanDownload Lesson Plan (13 pgs 796 KB)

Lesson PlanStudent Handout 7.1: Insulation Investigation Planning Guide (528 KB)

Student Handout 7.2: Sample Data Tables and Sample Graphs (532 KB)

Lesson PlanStudent Handout 7.3: Keeping It Cool: Building an Insulated Water Bottle (536 KB)

Lesson PlanStudent Handout 7.4: The Mitten  Problem Redux (536 KB)

Online Extensions

Learn how ice was harvested from Maine lakes by the Sebago Ice Company by viewing this 5 minute narrated clip, Ice Harvest.  (Click on "Moving Image." Audio is uneven but discernible)

Take on a design challenge from PBS's FETCH "How Do You Keep Lemonade Cool?" The challenge: make a lemonade stand that keeps lemonade cool and is sturdy and transportable.

Connection to Maine Agencies

A Maine Energy Education Program (MEEP) representative is a no cost resource for schools and teachers in Maine. MEEP representatives will come to interested schools, free of charge, to guide and support the concepts in this lesson.

For schools in Aroostook County, a Maine Public Service (MPS) representative will come to interested schools, free of charge, to guide and support concepts developed in this lesson.

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