Activities You Can Do At Home

Want to learn about thermal energy and heat at home? Try some of the activities and projects described below.
Remember - safety first!  Some activities involve things warming up or sharp tools.  Make certain to ask an adult first and use proper equipment and techniques to avoid burns and getting hurt.

Solar Cookers

Use the Sun's heat to cook up a tasty treat! Directions for making a cone-style solar oven and a pizza box solar oven are given.  Why not make one of each and see which works best? 

Ice Cube in a Box
Use your  knowledge of heat transfers in this challenge from ZOOM!

How Do You Keep Lemonade Cool? 

Cast members from FETCH!™ team up to take on a design challenge: make a lemonade stand that keeps lemonade cool and is sturdy and transportable.

Heat-Saving Tips for Kids

See for yourself as you try one or more of these  tips for conserving energy including heat. 

Stop Drafts! 
Make a draft sock to stop door and or window drafts. 


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