Maine Energy Education Philosophy

Why is understanding energy important for Maine's students? Undeniably, energy has a pervasive role in today's rapidly changing world making it absolutely critical that Maine's students begin developing have essential knowledge be what we call, "energy literate." Energy is all around us, it is a part of who we are and all we do.

Almost daily we see, hear, read about, and experience changes that are happening to our planet and our species. So we have to ask, "What role does energy play in our lives and our changing world?" Energy moves us, lights our world, keeps us warm, cooks our food, runs our cars, powers our homes and schools... Our use and understanding of energy touches all we do.

Kids are naturally curious and energy is a very curious "thing." Many people think of energy as a substance - it is not. Energy is something we struggle to define but can easily see the evidence of.

The goal of Maine's energy curriculum is to foster energy literacy among Maine's students by providing guided experiences that will challenge their ideas about energy, complicate their thinking, and stimulate lasting interest in a variety of energy-related topics. Incorporating components of successful science education strategies such as inquiry, critical thinking, and creative problem solving directs this curriculum to address the need for Maine students to actively understand energy thus guiding them in the ability to make educated, informed decisions about their energy choices.

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